June 22, 2021

Hybrid Work Is Hot. Don’t Get Burned.

Hybrid work is a very hot topic. Our CMO, Jeff Rohrs, believes it's in the running for the 2021 "Word of the Year."

At Filo.co, we don't think hybrid work is as scary as it seems. In fact, we believe it can increase productivity and job satisfaction which is why we care so deeply about remote collaboration.

Jeff recently contributed an article to the TechPoint Index covering how high-profile employers like Amazon, Google, and Salesforce are changing their newly adapted hybrid work models. So if top companies are adjusting, what does that mean for you? The article includes seven thoughts on how not to burn yourself in the heat of hybrid work:

  1. Define the Challenge. 
  2. Avoid Complexity. 
  3. Communicate Constantly. 
  4. Apply Consistently. 
  5. Manage for Outcomes, Not Tasks. 
  6. Build Your Online Office. 
  7. Revisit Annually.

To view the full article, head to the TechPoint Index here.