August 12, 2021

In-person sales: Are we going back?

You may have been looking forward to your business travel plans in the last half of 2021. But it seems as if business travel is going out of style, especially these last months in 2021 with the COVID-19 Delta Variant, and other variants, causing some hiccups.

As if you already aren’t aware, here are a few ways COVD-19 have affected sales:

Keep in mind that your buyers may not be ready to be sold again in-person. It is time to fully embrace the virtual sales process and leverage it to stand out from your competitors. This will allow for you or your sales team to stand out from your competitors. Pack your arsenal with additional virtual tools.

Internal Meetings and Events

First, start with how and where you are going to train your team. Provide the sales team with ways to handle virtual interactions. 

Let’s start off with sales kickoffs and training. Energize your team to make the meeting the best video call they’ve ever experienced—this vigor will carry over to when they are talking to prospects as well.

Think outside of the actual call too. Where will you keep the sales materials like decks and videos? Having a central location for assets and documentation will ensure that everyone is on the same page. A virtual office platform configured for your specific needs can become your own virtual sales hub.  A sales hub will bring your team together with virtual spaces that facilitate better engagement, enablement and teamwork.

It is important to give your team the space and resources they need to succeed, even if that is online.

External Meetings and Events

Now that the sales team is set up for success, carry that over to your future customers. Prospects are in an interesting position as they are currently not sharing the same physical space with the person or persons who need to make the final decision. This is important for two reasons:

  1. They are probably experiencing more video calls than normal.
  2. It will take longer to come to a consensus.

It would be best if you stepped outside of the typical Zoom meeting. Really wow the prospect with your energy and organization. Consider taking the virtual sales hub you created and setting up personalized deal rooms or EBCs that include branding for your customer. The deal room will bring sellers and customers together in one easy-to-use space. The deal room should have the deck, contract and any other materials necessary to close the deal. This virtual deal room also becomes your contact person’s asset to show everyone they need a consensus. Talk about wowing people!

Hopefully, the points below are all things you know, but it won’t hurt us reiterating, right?

Prep for the meeting

It is important that you properly prepare before the meeting. Take time to get to know your customer and be sure you have a great understanding of their pain points. Now that you are relying on technology, be sure to log in before your prospects and customers to troubleshoot any potential issues.

Download after each meeting

It may be easy to go from back-to-back Zoom meetings, but this is not healthy. Take this time for yourself to fully download the information you gathered during your calls. This will allow you to digest the concerns of your customers.

It’s also important to give yourself space to breathe to make sure you are at the top of your game and energized before your next call. Add some overflow time on your calendar to ensure you get that break.

Example of an active Sales Floor in Filo.

If you and your team are still navigating the hybrid future of sales, we produced a guide with assistance from top sales enablement leaders that may be useful. Contact us to create a hub where you sales team and customers connect.