September 21, 2021

Inspire Your Virtual Sales Kickoff with Powerful Mainstage Content

We’ve had the opportunity to work with many fantastic companies to plan engaging and impactful virtual sales kickoff (SKO) events. We’ve helped guide kickoff planners that found it hard to fully grasp a virtual experience since they are so used to hosting kickoffs in person. However, hosting virtual sales kickoffs doesn’t mean your team is disconnected or that the event is boring! Virtual SKOs should be full of energy and harness the fast-moving spirit of sales teams.

If you are in the process of planning your next virtual or hybrid SKO that is collaborative and actually drives impact, we suggest that you start with mainstage content.

Set the Foundation for the Kickoff

Mainstage content should update your team on the state of the company and inspire, align, and prepare the team for an amazing year ahead. Delivered by executives or external inspirational speakers, this content lays the groundwork for the entire kickoff. 

Being the foundation of the sales kickoff, the mainstage content should be high-energy to get the team excited about what is to come for the duration of the kickoff. This is why a simple livestream or Zoom call with a presentation isn’t going to cut it. It’s essential to engage, connect and create momentum!

Starting with the mainstage content, SKO planners can ensure that breakout sessions are based on the presented alignment and strategy. From there, it’s important to incorporate sales-led breakout sessions.

Creating an Unforgettable Virtual Experience

Virtual events provide a lot of flexibility and eliminate the need for travel. Virtual SKOs can be even more impactful than in person as they increase time with prospects and customers and do so at a significantly reduced cost.

A virtual event platform should allow you to produce dynamic experiences with custom branding. Once you identify your platform (we hope it’s us 😉), we recommend elevating mainstage content in a distinguished section of a virtual event platform. This is often livestreamed and can be delivered live or pre-recorded and edited for a high-production feel.

The event platform should also give you interactive ways to facilitate breakout sessions for further education during your SKO. For more strategies on hosting an engaging virtual SKO, click here.

An example of a virtual kickoff including high-profile speakers from a variety of backgrounds and industries. Their profiles are highlighted in the agenda to build excitement around the event.

We would love to chat with you about your next virtual kickoff event. Download our virtual SKO guide with 6 Strategies for a High-Impact Virtual Kickoff or read our blog on Fundamentals for an Immersive Virtual Sales Kickoff.