June 9, 2022

June: Filo Product Updates

Matt Compton

Co-Founder & CEO

The Filo team has been hard at work, and I'm thrilled to tell you about some of exciting changes coming your way this week.

Filo Collaboration Rooms | Early Access 🎉

Over the last year, we have helped tens of thousands of professionals collaborate through kickoffs, events, demo days, and accelerators. Now we are officially launching Filo Collaboration Rooms to early release customers!

Whether you are running a sales Proof of Concept (PoC), managing a customer, or running a services project you can have everything you need on a single page: Zoom, chat, documents, tasks, people, and more! Faster sales cycles, happier customers, and successful projects are now just a click away.

Reach out today to request early access.

Screen Recording 2022-06-07 at 10.11.27 PM

New Navigation 😍

Starting this week, things will look a little different in Filo. We have completely redesigned the navigation experience to make switching between Filo campuses and rooms quick and easy. Now you will see all your rooms listed in the left panel along with easy access to home, profile, and messages.

Screen Recording 2022-06-08 at 9.34.05 AM


Streamlined Tiles 👍

Creating and editing tiles has just gotten simpler.  

  • The tile selection list has been simplified, with all embed tiles being consolidated to Custom embed.
  • Resources has been renamed Files & Resources, Section Text is now Text Heading, and Website Link is now Image tile.
  • Simplified layout options: Tile layout options have now been simplified down to full and half width, and will vary based on the tile type.
Screen Recording 2022-06-08 at 9.46.51 AM


Image Security 🔐

Security has always been a top priority for Filo, and we have just taken image security to a whole new level to ensure they remain private. NOTE: Your current images will still be securely stored in Filo, but if you would like to take advantage of the upgraded security, simply re-upload your images.


Other Feature Enhancements 🔥

We hear your feedback, and have addressed some of your biggest feature request in the last month.  

  • Chat: Chat has received a huge upgrade including reactions, threading, and updated styles!
  • Zoom Tile: Zoom tiles have been completely redesigned complete with recording control and recording and transcript access.
  • Files, Links, and Tasks: Both tiles have been completely redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up with the addition of file uploads, custom icons, and list sorting.
  • Room Headers: Room headers have been rebuilt to make them much easier to design and use.
  • Much more: Additional enhancements have been made in design, performance, security, and squashing 🐞
Screen Recording 2022-06-08 at 2.21.59 PM

If you have any questions or want a personalized walkthrough, don't hesitate to request early access, reply to this email or reach out to our amazing team at support@filo.co.