September 30, 2021

Leverage Peer-Led Learning and Education During Virtual Kickoffs

As many companies continue to plan for virtual kickoffs, there are many elements top of mind. Virtual sales kickoffs (SKOs) can be even more impactful than in person. One way to host a more effective virtual event is by putting your top sales reps at the forefront of the kickoff.

Two-way Communication is Essential

While livestream mainstage content is an excellent way to break the ice and kick things off, talking at people only goes so far. The lack of two-way communication is the most significant missed opportunity of many virtual Kickoffs. During your kickoff, don't settle for only one-way communication.

Leverage Peer-led Learning

Most people enjoy learning from their peers; some even learn better that way. Giving a top sales rep time to spotlight their journey during the mainstage will provide very purposeful content.

You can hold training sessions with top reps walking through recorded calls or have simulation calls. In smaller virtual rooms, you can host directors from each company function, where attendees can give feedback and ask further questions about presented materials.

You can facilitate engagement by leveraging peer-led learning. Yext did this by hosting Deal Rooms in their Revenue Kickoff. The event included presentations to their peers on the context of a deal. These breakout sessions allowed attendees to choose a deal to listen to and pop in and out of different sessions. Read more about How Yext uses Virtual Deal Rooms to Educate & Align a Distributed Team.

Establish a Harmonious Environment

Having time to meaningfully connect also allows your team to build culture, camaraderie and excitement for the year ahead. Highly successful virtual kickoffs will use mainstage content to drive further interaction and conversation. Make sure there are ample opportunities for your team to talk with each other.

Yext facilitated rapid peer-led learning sessions during their virtual SKO with Virtual Deal Rooms. An RVP would lead a short session on a key deal, and attendees could choose which deal to learn about and hop in.

As shown, just because a kickoff event is virtual, it doesn't mean you should settle for less. If you need additional help, find a guide with 6 strategies we've compiled for creating virtual kickoff events that drive genuine connection, education, and inspiration.