May 26, 2022

Making strategic sales more repeatable through better collaboration [CHECKLIST]

Matt Compton

Co-Founder & CEO

Understanding how to engage with prospects at each stage in the sales cycle to shorten close timelines and get deals done is an ongoing project in the world of sales. There are several trainings and exercises that dissect complex sales processes: Miller Heiman, Challenger Sale, MEDDIC - all of which aim to make complex and strategic sales more repeatable.

At Filo, we hone-in on cross-company collaboration. Current sales processes require several disparate tools as crucial to communicating and sharing documents throughout a sales process.

Our mission is to bring awareness to the collaboration gaps among teams while leveraging these tools. When it comes to complex sales deals, the need for repeatability is key.

Specifically, here's where we see the gaps in current collaboration practices in strategic sales:

  • Steps and tools for ongoing engagement with prospects/customers post-sale
  • A dedicated tool or portal where a deal’s history - conversations, resources, and the like - are housed indefinitely, where they can then be reviewed and determined as templatized actions geared towards making complex sales more repeatable.

So, how do you fill these gaps? We've broken down key questions to ask and observations to make in your current process to identify collaboration gaps and the right steps and action items to take.

The below questions and observations are geared to help answer the question, "how do we apply the things that help us win in big deals across all opportunities?"

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