March 25, 2022

March: Filo Product Updates

Happy Spring! We've been doing some spring cleaning around the app. The next time you log in to Filo, you may notice a slight (but visible) change. 

New Structure 💻

The app's grid has been restructured and now stretches the full screen. Further, the left column will now be expanded more often to make navigation more intuitive.

Analytics 📈

Admins can now export all campus analytics events directly from the app! See when a campus member enters and exits a Room and Floor, clicks on a resource, participates in chat, or joins a meeting. You can access analytics from your campus Home card. This is only version 1 so stay tuned for more!

Announcements with Images 📢

You can now add an image to your announcements. Now, easily crop the image so it always looks amazing.

Campus Settings Quick Access ⚙️

You can now access Campus Settings from the top bar directly next to the Campus Switcher!