July 23, 2021

New in Filo: Integrated Registration, Mobile UI & More

Our product team has been hard at work making Filo the best platform for all of your collaboration needs. We take customer feedback and make it a reality. You can read more about how customer feedback helped shape our first year here

From eliminating the need for additional tools to adding more visibility, here's a breakdown of some of the new Filo features and tools. We're excited about these updates and the others we have in the works!

Event Management Made Easier

Filo admins can now create and configure registration pages--no need for third-party platforms! Event organizers can preview the registration page before it goes live to ensure branding and information is accurate. 

When users register, they are automatically added to the new Filo domain and will receive an automated email notification. The registration page makes configuration much easier for planners.

Who doesn't love a calendar invite? There is a calendar widget on the registration confirmation page and in the confirmation email. The calendar invite also includes a link to the Filo domain making sure that everyone knows where to go. 

We are thrilled about this addition for our event planners as it creates a more seamless experience.

Example of Filo Registration Page.

More Team Visibility

The Right Panel in Filo has received a significant transformation which is beneficial for virtual and hybrid teams. The Right Panel now has tabbed navigation–either "People'' or "Room Chat."

We are specifically focusing on the People tab in this update. Members are now grouped by HERE (in the current domain), ONLINE (online, but in a different domain), and OFFLINE (all members of the domain who aren't in any Filo domain). Adding in more visibility, you can now see user avatars. The user avatars will also show a Zoom icon when the user is in a Zoom meeting (if properly authenticated with Zoom).

This update allows you to see where your team is or if they are available. If you see that a team member is free, you can send them a Tap to spin up a conversation.

A glimpse of the Right Panel update--increasing team visibility.

Mobile Responsive

Other functionality updates include mobile optimization. Users now have a better experience in Filo while on the go and using their mobile devices.

Filo's mobile responsiveness in action.

Enhanced Structure

We've also implemented Section Text Tiles. These Tiles bring more visual elements to a Filo space by creating groupings of related Tiles.

Section Text Tile breaking up domain content.

We are very excited to bring these changes and have plenty more in the works to bring you the best, most flexible platform for virtual events, meetings & teams.

If you are a current Filo.co customer or user, you can utilize these updates now. If you would like to learn more or set up a demo, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.