January 13, 2022

Storytelling: The Key To Your Virtual Meetings

Most virtual events are nothing but a bunch of talking heads. Boring, right? 

Over the last two years, we have all gotten used to meeting virtually, but we can no longer tolerate “sit and watch” meetings and events.

Make sure that your virtual event is dynamic and full of content that people really enjoy by incorporating storytelling. 

A good story grabs our attention to the point we can visualize and understand what is happening. This connects us to the storyteller and helps better digest the information.

At Filo, our customers have called these breakouts different things, from storytelling sessions to deal rooms. No matter what the name, they’re always entertaining and informative.

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Storytelling Breakout Best Practices

Keep it flexible

We suggest having several rooms going at once. Having options gives attendees options that allow them to hop to another room that suits their needs. Providing a sense of choice is essential.

Potential topics

There are endless possibilities when it comes to these topics, but here are a few to get your gears going:

  • Implementation of a new customer
  • Journey of landing a new prospect
  • Reasons a prospect was lost

Tips for storytellers

When setting up your storyteller, encourage them to:

  • Keep it short and engaging
  • Ensure that it is appropriate for the team
  • Spice it with some humor
  • Introduce best practices

Hearing real stories from peers live allows team members to ask questions on the spot and connect—giving a top-tier experience. The rating of these peer-led storytelling sessions versus general mainstage sessions is night and day.

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