January 26, 2022

Uplevel Your Next Virtual Team Meeting

Why am I here?

Will *insert name* let someone else speak?

This meeting could have been an email. 

We've all been there before. These meeting styles are pretty meaningless. And after two years of most of us handling meetings virtually, we're over the pointless meetings. Keep reading for a few tips on upleveling your virtual team meetings.

No purpose, no meeting

It's a super simple thing but often missed. If you don't have a clear purpose for the meeting, think again about having it.

What needs to be accomplished during the meeting? Is the meeting to make decisions or to work through an issue? Establishing a clear purpose for the meeting also helps determine invitees. No one wants to sit in a meeting that has nothing to do with them.

Create an agenda

Creating a schedule will keep everyone on track; the meeting can become chaotic and get off-topic without an agenda. The meeting or event can quickly become disorganized and not worthwhile without a plan.

Turn your camera on

There are some times when having your camera off is appropriate. However, if there are no distractions, turn the camera on. Having a visual representation shows that all meeting attendees are attentive and engaged in what is being discussed.

Prioritize meaningful engagement

It's true; people are burned out from virtual meetings, especially if they are just sitting and watching someone else speak or present. Finding ways for your team to connect and engage is essential.

Stay organized

Having important docs in one place will ease the tension of scrambling to look for them ahead of the meeting. Many organizations keep ongoing agendas to keep up with high-priority actionable items. The EOS L10 Meeting Agenda is also designed to help keep teams organized if your team wants to adopt the style.

(See how Greenlight Guru facilitates one on one meetings in Filo.)

Actionable next steps

There is nothing worse than leaving a meeting and not being clear on what you should do next. Status only meetings can be a waste of time. Setting actionable items also can put the manager's mind at ease as they know who is responsible for what and when it is due. This also eliminates the need to micromanage.

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One thing is for sure; prioritize collaboration during the meeting. Involving all members of the meeting will lead to great ideas and engagement. We would love to help you find your perfect meeting facilitation mix in Filo!