October 12, 2021

Virtual Onboarding for Remote Workers

As businesses continue to move towards online workspaces, virtual onboarding has become an integral part of their growth. A successful onboarding program is key in creating a work environment where employees are engaged, equipped, and informed. Read on for the advantages of onboarding online, as well as how to build a strong virtual onboarding program for your company.

Benefits of Virtual Onboarding 

Countless companies have shifted to a virtual onboarding process, and they’re recognizing the benefits of this new format. Businesses have reported that an online format has helped their onboarding to become more consistent, so that new hires from any location are able to fully take part in the program. 

The online setting has also allowed for further training opportunities aimed at developing and honing important job skills, as well as giving access to learning materials whenever they’re needed. In addition, by connecting the company through an online platform, new team members are given a support system spanning across their organization. 

3 Tips for Creating Your Onboarding Process

1. Start off Strong

Start your onboarding process early so that your new hires feel welcomed, excited, and prepared. It’s a good idea to send out a welcome packet right away, which can include a company handbook, a schedule outlining their onboarding process, and any documents that need to be signed. Adding in fun company swag is also a fun way to welcome your new team members. 

2. Build Confidence

To assist new employees as they adjust to their setting and responsibilities, set up a process for building their confidence in their new position. Assign them easier tasks to start out, such as reading introductory materials, filling out paperwork, and setting up online accounts and profiles. As they start to take on more work, check in on them to be sure they’re adjusting until they find their footing. 

3. Schedule Multiple Meetings 

Setting up ample online video calls is an essential part of helping new hires to feel involved and informed. Hold team meetings to introduce them to the company’s environment, set up meet-and-greets to encourage connection and let them get to know their coworkers, and schedule one-on-one meetings so they can ask questions and better understand their responsibilities. 

Onboarding remotely offers a variety of benefits for introducing new employees to your business, and since it comes with its own set of circumstances compared to an in-person process, it should be met with distinct strategies for success. By equipping your company with an effective virtual onboarding program, you can improve the experience of your new hires and strengthen your business. The Filo.co team would love to chat on how we can help onboard your team effectively.