May 13, 2021

What You’ll Learn in Our Virtual Innovators Webinar on May 20th

As the world went virtual, so did the programs, sprints, and demo days that support startups. The lessons learned by the producers of these events are applicable to anyone producing virtual or hybrid events in 2021. Accordingly, we’ve assembled some of our great customers to share their insights on Thursday, May 20th at 2 PM ET. The session, Virtual Innovators: Lessons from Online Demo Days, Sprints & Accelerators, is free and will provide you with a chance to learn from program leaders at Berkeley SkyDeck, High Alpha Innovation, and Techstars.

Here’s what you’ll learn if you attend:

Top Lessons for Planning & Facilitating a Virtual Demo Day

Sibyl Chen, the Sr. Director, Program at Berkeley SkyDeck, will discuss lessons learned from hosting demo days online. Attendees will be able to ask Sibyl any specific advice or questions during the breakout sessions.

Learnings from Managing a Virtual Accelerator

No stranger to virtual accelerators, Andrew Hippert, the Sr. Program Manager at Techstars Sports Accelerator will be a panelist. Andrew has a wealth of knowledge on virtual accelerators that he is prepared to share.

Tactics for Corporate Innovation through Virtual Sprint Weeks

High Alpha Innovation partners with the world's leading organizations to innovate through startup creation. Lauren Kellum, Chief of Staff, will lead the breakout session to talk about the lessons the team learned over the past year.

How Event Length Impacts Your Strategy and Preparation

Our panelists run single-day, week-long, and quarter-long events. Each presents its own opportunities and challenges, and you’ll hear straight from the source what you need to keep in mind when setting the length of your own virtual or hybrid programming. 

How Filo Can Help with your Virtual and Hybrid Events

“Virtual Innovators” will take place on the Filo platform. If you ever wanted to see Filo in action, now is your chance! Our CEO, Matt Compton, will moderate the panel discussion and host a breakout session on Filo and virtual collaboration.

We hope to see you on May 20th at 2 PM ET. To register, visit the Virtual Innovators: Lessons from a Year of Online Demo Days, Sprints, and Accelerators event page.