December 2, 2022

Why Digital Sales Rooms?

Matt Compton

Co-Founder & CEO

In a mostly virtual and digital world, we must rethink how sales teams engage, stand out, and provide value to buyers. Buyers have access to more information than ever before, stakeholders involved in decisions are increasing, and expectations are through the roof.

Product Led Growth is Eating Sales

As product led growth continues to take hold and be a core strategy of every high growth startup, many in sales continue to do the same thing they always have:

  • Drive leads: Develop gated content and run events to drive “leads”
  • Schedule meeting: Reach out to those contacts to ask for a meeting
  • Qualify: Spend the first meeting qualifying if the prospect
  • Schedule meeting: Schedule another meeting to do full discovery and potentially pitch and demo
  • Sell: Follow up (over and over again) using email, text, or whatever you can to get the person’s attention
  • Drive to close: Try to navigate the team, maximize face time, create urgency, and “differentiate”

In the meantime, users are researching products on their own, reading reviews, signing up and trying other products themselves, and purchasing using credit cards … all without having to schedule a single meeting or talk to a sales person.

The truth is: sales people are simply not providing enough value to justify the additional hurdles that we are asking buyers to jump through.

Digital sales rooms (when done right) are the bridge between product led and sales led strategies.

In short, digital sales rooms make the entire process easier on the buyer. They help buyers:

  • Find the information they need
  • Get answers to their specific questions
  • Share information with you about their specific needs and challenges
  • Understand how they buy … and solve their problem
  • Build a relationship with you
  • Advocate & build alignment internally
  • Navigate your process
  • Improve chances for adoption and success

For the seller, a well done digital sales room helps you both save time AND stand out from your competition.

What makes a good digital sales room?

Your digital sales room has to be more than a content landing page protected by a shared password:

Your digital sales room must be:

  • Secure: Your prospect’s data is sensitive. DSR’s must include user level security so you know exactly who has access while being easy to share.
  • Personal: A DSR must be specific and personalized to your prospect.  If not, just build a webpage.
  • Collaborative: Your prospect should be able to engage and share information with you, not just consume your marketing
  • Persistent: A DSR should remain for the life of the deal or of the customer and include full history of your interaction together
  • Adaptable: An adequate DSR should be able to start with first call and adapt with you through short list, decision, negotiation, close, onboarding / implementation, and ongoing customer success.

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