April 6, 2021

Zoom Better? #ZoomBetter. You Bet!

I have an earworm. It began just before I joined Filo.co as Chief Marketing Officer, and it's only gotten louder since. The song stuck in my mind is "You Better You Bet" by The Who; however, my subconscious keeps substituting the chorus with "#ZoomBetter. Zoom better. You bet!"

Now, before I go seeking professional help, I thought I'd try a little blog therapy as writing helps me get to the bottom of things. And in this case, the cause is pretty obvious. One only need read some of today's headlines to see why I have Zoom on the brain:

- Color-coding meetings to beat Zoom fatigue at KPMG

- Citi creates “Zoom-Free Fridays” to Combat COVID-19 Fatigue

- COVID Killed the Traditional Workplace. What Should Companies Do Now?

The rapid proliferation of online meetings has left us wanting for something more.

I have a hypothesis that "Zoom fatigue" is less about the tools of video conferencing and more about how we use them. In reading the above articles and others of the same ilk, one can quickly surmise that:

  1. Many online meetings could be phone calls.
  2. Many online meetings include unnecessary participants (due to FOMO or unclear objectives).
  3. We think of online meetings as linear conversations instead of collaborative opportunities.
  4. Online meetings suffer a feeling of unbearable sameness.

To fight Zoom fatigue, we must #ZoomBetter.

By providing a single, virtual space for teams, companies, organizations, and events, Filo creates a fast, flexible, frictionless environment in which users can move from Zoom-to-Zoom and room-to-room all without hunting for additional logins or links. Your Google Docs, Miro whiteboards, explainer videos, and other resources are never more than a click away.

Finally, you can curate your virtual space exactly the way you want it whether that's to foster a brainstorm among a few people, an all-hands meeting for your entire company or an event featuring outside speakers, sponsors, and attendees.

So what's our mission at Filo.co? Our mission is to deliver fast, flexible, and frictionless solutions that help people connect, collaborate, and create regardless of location.

We don't claim to end Zoom fatigue entirely—to do that, requires team, meeting, and event planners to take a deeper look at how you run your meetings, what tools you use, and how people engage. Online meeting fatigue has real physiological roots; however, it may have more to do with the debilitating sameness of your meeting content and structure than just the technology you use.

Want to #ZoomBetter? Supercharge your online events with greater engagement? Transform meetings into truly collaborative events? Request a demo to see how Filo can help today.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, The Who!