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For individuals getting started with their first deal or customer.



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1 Filo Page and Room. Private branded and fully customizable with up to 500 room members.

Fully Branded:

Private brand your room and page for a white-labeled experience.

Build in Minutes:

Customize your page (no code required) in minutes using easily configurable tiles:
✓ File & link sharing
✓ Mutual action plans
✓ Tasks
✓ Formatted text blocks
✓ Banners & images
✓ Custom embeds

Easy, Secure Sharing:

Easily publish and share your page using customizable URL's while keeping sensitive, non-public information secure in your invite-only private room.
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For individuals looking to stand out and save time with every deal or customer.


Per month

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Everything in Free, Plus:

Unlimited Filo Pages, Rooms, and room members.

Impress Every Prospect and Customer:

Stand out by giving each prospect or customer their own branded, private page and room.

Build Even Faster:

Save time by quickly duplicating your best pages and rooms.

Real-Time Insights:

Get real-time insights into views, clicks, and other interactions both on the public page and in the private room. Quickly export activity, or integrate it with your favorite engagement tools.
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For teams looking to win more deals and grow customers together.


Per month

2 users included.
Additional users +$45 / mo

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or buy monthly

Everything in Personal, Plus:

Shared team branding and templates, and multiple managers per room.

Team Branding:

Leverage shared company branding, while customizing each page and room to individual prospects and customers.

Drive Consistency:

Build and share templates with consistent messaging, branded assets, and standardized mutual action plans.

Build Together:

Work as a team by sharing room manager access, leveraging in-house design, operations, and enablement teams to create amazing experiences for prospects, customers, and workshops.


For teams looking for video collaboration, integrations, and premium support.


Per month

5 users included.
Additional users +$100 / mo

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Everything in Team, Plus:

Video collaboration (powered by Zoom), advanced integrations, and premium support.

Video Collaboration:

Meet live using your pages and rooms using Zoom. Integrate your license or leverage our included Zoom business licenses.

Integrate Your Favorite Tools:

Send Filo activity data directly to Salesforce, Hubspot, or engagement platform. Integrate notifications through Slack or other tools.

Premium onboarding and support:

Get going quickly with personalized onboarding, dedicated support room, and named account manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of things are pages and rooms used for?

Individual sales professionals and SDR's use Filo Pages before or after the first call to create private branded, interactive landing pages to share information, files, links, and mutual action plans with prospects. These pages can be created faster than writing a follow-up email and set you apart from your competition.

As deals progress and sensitive information needs to be shared, prospects can be invited into the private room as a room member to access documents, proposals, and to collaborate on tasks, etc.

For Customers: Customer success and Account Managers use Filo Pages and Rooms as branded customer portals for sharing, collaboration, and alignment.

For Workshops: Filo pages and rooms serve as a hub with all relevant information, people, and interaction.

Filo Rooms have a wide variety of use cases, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We're always happy to help!

What is included in Private Branding?

All rooms can be white-labeled to your own company and customized for each prospect, client, or project. You can replace our logo in the top left with yours, and swap out room icons and headers for each individual room.  Finally, page URL's can also be customized! The only references to Filo are a "powered by" icon at the bottom of pages and emails.

What is the difference between a Page and a Room?

Pages are published to an easily sharable URL (which you can customize). Anyone with the URL can access the page without creating an account or logging in. The page is not searchable, but managing who gets the URL is up to you.

Every page has a corresponding private room. Rooms are for sensitive, non-public information and require user-level authentication in order to access. You have control over who has access to the room and can always see who is online and who is in the room at any point in time. Rooms are backed up by SOC 2 Type II certified security.

How can I control what's public vs. private?

You control what is published on the public page or private to the room on a tile-by-tile basis.  Each individual tile can be set to public or private security, allowing you to quickly publish non-sensitive information while keeping the sensitive information private to those without access.

What is a room manager?

Room managers are Filo users who can create, configure, and control access to rooms.  They are able to edit the branding, tile structure, features of rooms as well as add or remove room members.

What is a room member?

Room members are able to enter a room, share files, complete tasks, engage in chat, join meetings, and see all room members and managers. Room members cannot change the structure, branding, functionality of a room or add or remove other room members.

What type of support is offered?

All plans come with email and in-app chat support.  For the Team plan, you will get a customized onboarding session. Additionally, in the Advanced plan you will also receive a named account manager and a private collaboration room.

Do I have to have my own Zoom licenses?

Nope! We believe working with people outside your team is too important for bad video. That is what we partner with the best video platform on the planet and include a dedicated, fully upgraded Zoom business licenses in our Advanced plan.

Wait?! Zoom licenses are included with a Filo subscription?

Yep! No extra cost in the Advanced license.

Am I able to use my own Zoom licenses if I already have them?

Definitely. - you can easily configure any room to work with your own Zoom licenses.

What if I don't know what to do, or I need help building out my room?

We have your back! Just reach out to us and we would be happy to answer any questions that you might have. Want us to do the work for you? No problem, our room services team would be happy to help.