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A simple and enjoyable way to work with people outside your team is within reach.


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✓ 1 Room
✓ 1 Room Manager
✓ Up to 500 Room Members
✓ Zoom Business License
✓ 30 Day Zoom Recordings
✓ 6 Months Room History



Uplevel all your customers, projects, and workshops with unlimited rooms & members


Per room manager per month

Or $1,000 per room manager per year

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✓ Unlimited Rooms
✓ Up to 50 Room Managers
✓ Unlimited Room Members
✓ Unlimited Zoom Licenses
✓ 90 Day Zoom Recordings
✓ Unlimited Room History

✓ Filo Support Community
✓ Dedicated Support Room
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Manage a large, complex enterprise and integrate Filo throughout your organization

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Everything in Team, plus:

✓ Single Sign On (SSO)
✓ Custom Uptime SLA's
✓ CRM Integrations
✓ Custom Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a room manager?

Room managers are Filo users who can create, configure, and control access to rooms.  They are able to edit the branding, tile structure, features of rooms as well as add or remove room members.

What is a room member?

Room members are able to enter a room, join meetings, share files, complete tasks, engage in chat, and see all room members and managers. Room members cannot change the structure, branding, functionality of a room or add or remove other room members.

Do I have to have my own Zoom licenses?

Nope! We believe working with people outside your team is too important for bad video. That is what we partner with the best video platform on the planet, and include a dedicated, fully upgraded Zoom business licenses with each Filo room.

Wait?! Zoom licenses are included with a Filo subscription?

Yep! No extra cost. Even in the free tier!

Am I able to use my own Zoom licenses if I already have them?

Definitely. Some people are control freaks, and we support that. You can easily configure any room to work with your own Zoom licenses.

What if I don't know what to do, or I need help building out my room?

We have your back. Just reach out to us, and we would be happy to answer any questions that you might have. Want us to do the work for you? No problem, our room services team would be happy to help.