How Yext uses virtual Deal Rooms to educate & align a distributed team

Yext's 2021 virtual sales kickoff focused on engagement and collaboration. See how they facilitated peer-to-peer learning in Virtual Deal Rooms.

See how Yext created a high-impact kickoff
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Customer Stories

Apartment List proved that it is possible to have fun and engagement during a virtual event! See how they designed an employee engagement event for connection.

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See how UNFPA-UNICEF brought over 400 global participants together in a workshop to end child marriage.

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See how TechPoint facilitated meaningful connections between Indiana-based startups/scale-ups and investment firms.

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Yext's 2021 virtual sales kickoff saw an opportunity to create rich collaboration with peer-to-peer learning in Virtual Deal Rooms. See how they did it.

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Running a virtual event is as stressful as walking a tightrope. Running a successful virtual event requires time, preparation, experience, and trusted partners.

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Most virtual events are nothing but a bunch of talking heads. Boring, right? Make sure that your virtual event is dynamic and full of content that people really enjoy by incorporating storytelling.

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Oct 14, 2021

An alarming 20% of employees quit within their first 45 days. Now more than ever, employers face a crucial need to create digital-first onboarding experiences that align, inspire and motivate new employees.

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Sep 1, 2021

Just because a sales kickoff is virtual doesn't mean you need to settle for less. Learn how to align, inspire and educate your team in a Virtual Sales Kickoff.

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Virtual collaboration platform Filo.co receives funding from Zoom Video Communications, Inc. as part of the second batch of Zoom Apps Fund investments.

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How can virtual and distributed teams maintain quick, ad-hoc communication as a part of their daily culture? Meet Filo Tap.

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