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Distributed teams
Virtual events
Workshops & programs
Distributed teams

Create that sense of team flow again.

With Filo, remote and distributed teams can once again find their flow - that magical dynamic when everyone is connected, on the same page, doing their best work, and just clicking.

Enable your remote or distributed team to say the familiar things, like...

Dedicated rooms

“Let's meet in the Product Room.”

No more wasted time and lost momentum swapping Zoom links, and looking for the right file. Get everyone on the same page with dedicated rooms.

Seamless movement

“Hop into my office.”

Spin up natural conversations without constantly checking calendars or being forced to schedule a meeting. Bring back the camaraderie and connection of an office with easy conversations.

Team presence

“Let's grab a coffee in the Happy Hour room”

See where your team is at any time, how they are engaging, and what is going on across the organization. Re-gain that sense of working like a team again.

Virtual events
Virtual events

Not another virtual event platform.

Easily spin up a custom-branded event and configure it based on how you want attendees to engage.

Flexible movement

Let attendees navigate your event just like they would in-person with easy movement through programming. Integrate mainstage content, breakout sessions, webinars, networking rooms and more.

Easy setup & customizable interface

Configure your event based on the engagement you want to drive. Treat your attendees to a branded, personalized experience with Filo's easily customized event UI.

Hold private or public events of any size

Scale your event to any size. Filo is directly integrated with Zoom so you can ensure the best, most reliable audio / visual quality with any number of attendees.

Facilitate natural connection

Re-create the side-conversations, and serendipitous connections of an event with Filo's ability to see and network with attendees.

Workshops & programs

Collaborate like you're in person again.

Enable your team to engage and connect just like they’re standing in the conference room.

Seamless movement

Allow your attendees to move throughout your event just like they're in person. No more PINs or links -- hop into a meeting, breakout, or presentation in just one click.

Multiple tracks

Create and facilitate complex programming without juggling dozens or hundreds of invites and links, with Filo's dedicated spaces and flexible layout.

Team visibility

See who is in your event and how they are engaging in real-time. Customize and brand your event so that it has a clear space, structure and purpose.

The Finalist Day of TechPoint’s Xtern program normally consists of 200 university students interviewing with 50 of Indiana’s top tech companies. See how they streamlined this jam-packed virtual event using Filo's customized Rooms and flexible movement.

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