Jul 8, 2021

How The Batchery used Filo to Enhance Engagement in their Virtual Demo Day

The Batchery is a Berkeley-founded community of 40 veteran investors that accelerates Stage Seed and A startups. The Batchery’s Deep Dive program combines high-touch mentorship from their Investor Advisor community, with a 12 week class structure to prepare seed and pre-seed startups to tackle their next set of hurdles. 

The culmination of the program is a Virtual Demo Day. Here’s a glance at their virtual event set-up and key learnings:

Pre-Recorded Livestream

The company pitches were delivered as a livestream at the top of their event in Filo. In the Room Chat, attendees could cheer the founders on; ask questions; and connect with their experiences.

Embedded Agenda, Polls & Interest Forms

A slight friction with many virtual events is the abundance of links: The agenda is stored on a landing page; feedback surveys are sent to emails; and reminders are shared in Slack. The Batchery’s Virtual Demo Day hosted all these materials into a single place, making it easier for attendees to focus and engage.

Embedding an agenda with an Image Tile in Filo.

Dynamic Engagement with Customized Rooms

After the livestream each company could customize their own Room in Filo - decking it out with their decks, customer testimonials, resources, LinkedIn profiles, etc.

“In previous events, we had a room with chat and links to LinkedIn profiles. Giving the startups the ability to upload their materials was a big improvement to give people context about the startups and form a relationship.”
-Peter Burghardt, Executive Director, The Batchery
Virtual booths / rooms for each of the showcasing startups.

A Persistent Space

Another change was the fact that attendees could return to the event to check out materials afterwards. The Batchery left their event space open for attendees to return for a week after the event. They could see the recording of the livestream, and engage with materials. 

The Results

Further engagement and interaction had a real impact on the ultimate goal of the event: creating connections for the startups.

“We had about double the number of investors fill in interest forms compared to past events. Some of those are resulting in outside funding for our startups.
-Peter Burghardt, Executive Director, The Batchery