Jan 4, 2022

Berkeley SkyDeck Connects 630 Students with 81 Startups in Virtual Intern Fair

Berkeley SkyDeck is UC Berkeley's official startup accelerator. With help from mentors and investors, they help entrepreneurs and startups through Demo Days, Intern Fairs and more.

The Challenge

Wanting to bring back their Spring Intern Fair where they connect students with startups, Berkeley SkyDeck needed a virtual platform to:

  • Run multiple interviews at the same time
  • Keep all collateral in one place
  • Have a designated space to answer questions
  • Allow for customization

The Space

In Filo, the virtual intern fair included:

  • A home base found on the Main Stage Floor. This floor included a Zoom Tile for opening remarks, an overview of the intern fair, embeddable Google Sheets that served as sign-up sheets and more.
  • An Info Booth with a Help Desk via a Zoom meeting.
  • Eight Floors broken out in alphabetical order by the 81 startups to assist in searching.
  • Rooms for each startup to showcase their brand and company information
Branded Main Stage to help with details for the Intern Fair.

Easy Facilitation of Interviews

With each startup having its own Room, they customized the space to suit their needs. The startups added assets that helped tell their brand stories, allowing for students to better understand them. Each Room also included a Zoom Tile where each interview took place.

Easy Facilitation of Interviews

The Results

“It was awesome to be able to host 630 students and 81 startups for our intern fair using Filo. The event is the largest intern fair that UC Berkeley hosts.”
-Sibyl Chen Sr. Director of Program at Berkeley SkyDeck