Oct 24, 2021

Enablement Squad's Networking Night & Enablement Workshop

The Enablement Squad is an online community where Revenue and Sales Enablement pros can network, get answers, and find support. Squad co-founders Matt Scheitle and Stephanie Middaugh wanted to celebrate two years of their community, and did so with a networking night and collaborative workshop hosted in Filo.

"We wanted this to be a bit more fun than just another Zoom call, so worked with Filo to add our branding, set up multiple sessions and make it more fun and engaging."
-Matt Scheitle, Co-Founder, The Enablement Squad

The team set up a few different sessions on important topics in Sales Enablement such as:

  • Tech Stacks
  • Proving ROI in Enablement
  • Kickoffs and Events
  • War Stories
  • and general networking

By setting up discussion rooms in Filo, attendees could choose a topic they were interested in. The team used Image Tiles to post some discussion questions and help kick off and guide the conversation.

The result was a fun and collaborative night of Sales Enablement chats.

If you are in Sales Enablement, stay tuned for future Enablement Squad events, or join their Slack community at enablementsquad.com.