Dec 23, 2021

How Apartment List Designed an Employee Engagement Event For Fun & Connection

The Challenge

Apartment List is a free service that helps apartment seekers find the perfect living quarters. They believe authentic and personal connections are the core of their company culture.

In November 2021, they brought their global team together for a full-day virtual employee engagement event, Spark Unplugged. Apartment List needed a platform that could:

  • Allow their 250 employees to connect and engage in a fun and seamless way 
  • Host their workshops and serve as a celebration space
  • Run multiple breakout sessions at a time, allowing attendees to ‘choose their own adventure’
  • Showcase their amazing brand

Driving Connection for a Distributed Team

The team selected Filo to host their one-day event, Spark Unplugged. A Welcome Floor acted as a landing page to orient attendees. They could easily download custom Zoom backgrounds, and set up a Network Profile to get to know their fellow co-workers.

The space also included an Agenda Floor with an interactive agenda; participants could easily click on the schedule and be directed to where they needed to be.

The space included a clickable agenda that directed users to the correct location. See it in action above.

Facilitating Purposeful Engagement with Breakouts

Attendees could choose from a selection of workshops, from sustainable fashion to blackjack, coffee masterclass, mindful yoga, a tye-dye workshop, improv sessions and more.

A look at the "Circus Factory" Room in Filo.

Opportunity to Unplug

It was essential to give the team time to unwind from the connection and engagement. There was a Floor designated 'breakroom' titled Unplugged Breakroom. This space allowed everyone to choose a downtime activity or the chance to step away from their computer entirely.

The Result

250 Apartment List employees were able to gather, connect, learn and engage in a well thought-out, branded and beautifully-designed virtual space. 

“The Filo team did a great job building a well thought out space. It was easy for us to customize and build out on our own brand. Dark Mode made the event feel more sophisticated.”
- Nikki Chamberlain, HR Program Manager, Apartment List