Jul 7, 2021

How StartOut hosted an Inclusive Virtual Demo Day

Since 2009, StartOut has been the champion for LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs. Their mission is to increase the number, diversity, and impact of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and amplify their stories to drive the economic empowerment of the community. 

This year's virtual Demo Day highlighted eight LGBTQ-led, scalable tech startups across a variety of industries. A judging panel, made up of VCs and corporate partners, reviewed the companies. The event wrapped with an awards presentation at the end.

Take a look to see how the event unfolded!

The Switch to Filo

StartOut previously hosted their Demo Days on WebEx. This year they wanted to uplevel the experience with more engagement, interaction and their own branding. With assistance from Outshine Events, an event planning and production company, StartOut recruited Filo to help take their Virtual Demo Day to the next level.

“It was so easy to use. Kate and the whole team were so helpful. Anytime anybody needed anything you guys were there. That's always so helpful when I don’t have to worry about the show.”
-Alex Breitman, Owner & Event Producer at Outshine Events

Demo Day Structure

StartOut’s Virtual Demo Day combined several elements, all hosted in their Filo campus.

Greenroom - Using Filo’s roles and permissions, the organizers configured greenrooms visible to only judges, presenters and admins. These made it incredibly easy and streamlined for presenters/judges to set up, check audio and prepare before going live. Having these in one central place removes any unnecessary stress and hassle for both organizers and presenters. These private rooms also served as a place for judges to deliberate.

Company Pitches - The 8 startups presented via a livestream, hosted in Filo. Judges were given a couple minutes after the pitch to ask follow-up questions.

Company booths - After the company pitches, each company hosted their own booth in Filo where investors, mentors and partners could hop in to chat, or easily learn more about the company through numerous resources hosted in the Rooms.

Networking rooms - After the winners were announced, StartOut also organized networking rooms to connect anyone who wanted to chat and celebrate with the founders. 

Sponsor booths - Finally, the event highlighted their key sponsors: SVB, AWS, Twilio, and Comcast LIFT Labs. Each was given a room to further showcase their support and programs.

StartOut's Demo Day agenda, hosted in Filo

The Results

The event attracted almost 500 attendees, who rated the event experience as a 4.4 out of 5. Thanks to StartOut, Outshine Events and all the founders for hosting a fantastic event!

Looking to host a Demo Day that builds engagement and community? We’d love to connect! Reach out to get a tour of Filo.