Dec 18, 2020

600 Interviews in 6 Hours - TechPoint's Jam-Packed Virtual Interview Day

The Finalist Day of TechPoint’s Xtern program normally consists of 200 excited university students meeting with dozens of Indiana’s top tech companies. This year, when the event pivoted to virtual, the facilitators knew they needed to maintain the same energy and enthusiasm, while ensuring the event ran smoothly, on-schedule, and hassle-free.
79  companies | 350 attendees | 600 student interviews | 103 students placed in internships

About TechPoint 

TechPoint is the growth accelerator for Indiana's tech ecosystem, bringing tech companies, philanthropies, government, universities and talent together to create opportunity. TechPoint’s Xtern program places university students in paid summer internships with high-growth Indiana companies. The cornerstone of the program is Finalist Day, in which dozens of Indiana companies interview hundreds of potential candidates in a 8-hour day of back to back interviews.

The Challenge 

The facilitators needed to host 600 concurrent interviews across 80 different meeting rooms; offer educational resource tracks for the students; and intersperse live video broadcasts. They also wanted to gather feedback from both students and companies; determine matches during the event; and present the student-company matches live at the end of the day. 

With so many individual, back-to-back meetings, a core concern was keeping attendees moving to where they needed to be, and keeping the event on-schedule. Finally, they needed a solution that was intuitive and easy for attendees to enter and navigate; one that wouldn’t require explanation.  

“Managing hundreds of Zoom links in a day, without any visibility into how people were doing, was simply unthinkable, so we knew we needed an external platform, and we found Filo to be the most flexible and intuitive for us, and very simple and straightforward for our attendees.” -Anna Rauh, TechPoint Events Manager

How they Did It

The facilitators configured dedicated rooms for each company within Filo. Students then could move flexibly between the rooms according to their schedule, shared in advance. Transitions occurred quickly and on-schedule, as students simply hopped into their next room. Facilitators alerted attendees, using in-app notifications and messages, to keep people moving and things on track.

The interviews took place in dozens of individual rooms in Filo.

The event was bookended with live presentations by TechPoint leadership in a main stage, with live video streamed from on-site by for moments of high-production feel. Facilitators provided a welcome to kick things off, and capped the day with a celebratory finalist matching process. 

An integrated livestream during the event.

The Result

Over 350 attendees met and conversed fluidly through hundreds of one-on-one meetings, dozens of group breakout sessions, and live main stage content. The event ran on time, without any users encountering technical issues. Most importantly, TechPoint matched 103 students with local companies, creating transformative career development paths for hundreds of Indiana students. 

“Our companies and students were impressed and we experienced no technical issues whatsoever — and that is a dream come true!”
-Kat Locascio, Senior Manager of Program Operations, TechPoint