Dec 21, 2021

How the Team Hosted a Hybrid Offsite

After a successful 2021, the leadership wanted to gather the team for an in-person offsite to look back, connect and plan. This led three Filosophers to fly into Indianapolis to work from the High Alpha office for a day and a half. Several team members could not make the trip, but that didn't stop us from using Filo to host a stellar (hybrid) meeting.

The Filo Campus

Simple. The best word to sum up the virtual space built in Filo, simple. Having a hub for all resources made the time together seamless. Utilizing Tiles, the Campus included:

  • A welcome video from Matt Compton, CEO and Co-founder
  • A map of the building for office first-timers
  • A Zoom Tile for those joining virtually
  • Important links to an agenda and other collaborative documents
A peek at the Company Meeting Campus in Filo.

The Time Together

Interaction & Connection

The day and a half together kicked off with a super fun ice breaker, three truths and a lie. Before the meeting, each team member collabed in a Google Sheet, jotting their "facts." The activities and presentations were engaging for both in-person and virtual team members.

Mini Design Sprint

The team spent a few hours ideating the future of Filo. Once brainstorming was complete, each team member voted using a dot in another Google Sheet.

"We went deep into ideation and brainstorming for a few hours, with our team split between in-person and remote. Having a Filo campus dedicated to the task at hand made it easy to keep everyone on the same page and facilitate a discussion where everyone participated. For example, after a sketching exercise, we all uploaded our ideas to a shared document in Filo in the same spot as the Zoom room, our icebreaker, and agenda for the week. Having it all centralized like this meant we could seamlessly hop back and forth between topics without leaving anyone behind!"
-Lindsay Schmidt, Senior Staff Engineer, UX,

The Result

"We had a great day of celebration, looking back, planning and strategizing for the year to come, and generally learning about and spending time with one another. 12 in person and 3 on Zoom (4 if you count a baby!), and it felt like we were all together. It was an amazing day."
-Matt Compton, CEO & Co-founder,

We can't wait to see what 2022 has in store for Filo!