Apr 30, 2021

How VentureFuel Drives Engagement in Virtual Events

VentureFuel helps their clients accelerate growth by connecting them with startups and new technologies. With a client roster that includes Netflix, JP Morgan Chase, and Verizon, Hulu, their approach has proven to be a powerful tool for global brands to spark innovation and accelerate growth.

That said, creating and building connections in their virtual events is a must. Over the past year they tried several virtual event platforms and other solutions, but defaulted most often to Zoom given its reliability. When they saw that Filo could upgrade their virtual events and the attendee experience, while still scaling to any size with reliable and seamless audio/visual quality, they knew they found the right tool.

“My team at VentureFuel has tested almost every virtual event platform and remote collaboration tool in the world. We held meetings in VR; we’ve all been avatars; we’ve speed-dated; white-boarded; voted; clapped; and had a guest turn herself into a potato accidentally.

But when we saw Filo.co, we knew it was something special.”

- Fred Schonenberg, Founder, VentureFuel

VentureFuel’s first event in Filo was their latest in the Rogue Women series, hosted in partnership with Rogue Ventures. The event is designed to bring together the best female-founded startups, the brightest corporate executives, and leading venture capitalists to inspire, motivate and learn from one another.  

Beyond just a standard Zoom Webinar, the VentureFuel team added a layer of engagement to their event by pre-planning networking rooms around certain topics. Attendees could choose which topic pertained to them; see who was there; and easily drop in or out. That made drop-in networking more natural than managed Zoom breakouts. Having a persistent chat during the event's panels and livestreams was also a core place for attendees to engage as a group or one-to-one.

Below is a quick highlight of the event. You can check out VentureFuel’s upcoming events on Filo at venturefuel.net.