Oct 19, 2021

Recruiting Experiences Conducts Successful Multi-Week Virtual Training for Recruiters

Recruiting Experiences understands that amazing companies are built with amazing teams. The company was founded to help companies simplify their hiring process and train recruiters. The team wants to help companies attract and retain talent; freeing the company to focus on other important initiatives.

Having experienced Filo for another use case, Recruiting Experiences Founder and CEO Amy Oviedo saw how the virtual platform could be used for training hiring professionals. It was the perfect solution to host the Fall Cohort for their Recruiting Immersion course.

Multi-week Training

Course participants completed 12 sessions over a 6-week training period. During the Tuesday and Thursday training sessions, the cohort received fundamentals like hiring team collaboration and offer negotiation, recruiting vocabulary and more strategies to help with a recruiting career. The training sessions were conducted classroom style via Zoom.

"Adding the Tiles organized our class by week perfectly, and the Filo platform was able to move and grow along with the class. I didn't have all class materials posted for students initially because I could upload the materials class by class."
-Caly Grogan, Talent Generalist, Recruiting Experiences
A glimpse of the active training in Filo.

Small Group Breakouts

After each main group training session, participants would be assigned to a Disney-inspired breakout room: Team Mickey, Team Moana or Team Simba. The breakout rooms were used to work on group activities like résumé reviews and job intakes. The Recruiting Experiences team found that it was easier to get people to talk in smaller groups which made it quicker to recognize when help was needed.

Continued Education

Filo Resource Tiles were used to story important information after each week’s training session. This allows for participants to self-study as they can grab resources and Zoom recordings of previous sessions.

"Using Filo was quick and easy. Uploading class materials was a breeze, and they were automatically available to every student...It was helpful having a one-stop shop for class. Students could come to their Filo domain page and find any resource they needed for class."
-Caly Grogan, Talent Generalist, Recruiting Experiences
Example of the training's Resource Tiles in Filo.

Recruiting Experiences was able to spin up a functional virtual training center. With Filo’s easy customization, a thoughtful experience was able to be formed for attendees. Having a persistent space also allows for the participants to be able to refer back to when needed.

Thanks for facilitating such an important training in Filo, Recruiting Experiences!

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