Mar 23, 2022

Special Olympics Hosts Virtual Capitol Hill Day in Filo

Each year Special Olympics International hosts Capitol Hill Day, a government engagement event. Capitol Hill Day aims to raise awareness and request funding for their work in sport, health and education through meetings with Members of Congress.

The Challenge

Capitol Hill Day is in its second year of being held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After hosting the event virtually in 2021, the planning team knew what they needed to execute the next virtual Capitol Hill Day. They set out to find a platform that not only integrated with Zoom, but also could contain all of the planning efforts, training, meeting and resources in one central space.

With one year of virtual Capitol Hill Day under their belts, the Capitol Hill Day Planning team knew they needed a robust virtual event platform for 2022 that could host:

  • A 3-day event (one day of training followed by two days of meetings)
  • Almost 500 participants
  • Multiple breakout sessions happening at once
  • All resources in an organized space alongside the meeting sessions

How They Did It

Designing a strategic Capitol Hill Day Filo Campus was a top priority to meet the planning team's needs and all the participants.

For Attendees

When athletes and delegates entered the space, they landed in the Welcome Lobby equipped with contact information and links to social media and to purchase merchandise. The lobby also included an internally linked image that redirected to a different area in Filo.

Event admins added other resources like special video messages to the Welcome Lobby as needed.

The virtual space had clearly named Floors for easy navigation. To ensure everyone was where they needed to be, administrators deployed helpful announcements.

In the "My Delegation" Floor, there were over 50 rooms in alphabetical order - one for each group. Each room included a Zoom to huddle, a Resource Tile with meeting materials, and Zoom Tiles for the group’s meetings.

To recognize the accomplishments of all of the event’s participants over the course of the three days, everyone gathered for an inspirational celebration on the final day to close out the event. 

For Admins & Program Staff

There were also specific areas in the campus that were only accessible to administrators and program staff, managed by custom Roles in Filo.

Filo enjoys hosting meaningful events such as this. If you would like to learn more about how we can help, please reach out to us today!