Jul 20, 2021

How TechPoint Facilitated 180 Meetings Between Tech Companies and Investors

TechPoint is the nonprofit, industry-led growth initiative for Indiana’s technology companies and overall tech ecosystem. The nonprofit brings together philanthropies, government entities, universities, and talent together to create opportunities in the Hoosier state.

The growth accelerator hosts several signature events each year, one being VC Speed Dating. VC Speed Dating is where they facilitate the connection of tech companies with venture capital. Promising Indiana-based startups and scale-ups meet with VC and investment firms from across the United States. The 2021 event marked the seventh year and connected 24 investors and 24 companies.

The Shift to Filo

Like most events of this type, VC Speed Dating was held virtually for the first time in 2020. The event was beautifully executed with in-studio production for the TechPoint team and a custom-built webpage but ended up having a hefty price tag.

After using Filo for several other events, the team realized that Filo could handle everything they needed to accomplish: easy to use, customizable space to facilitate connectivity between the firms and companies.

“After using Filo a lot, we knew that it could do what we needed it to do, and it is just way more cost-effective.”
-Anna Rauh, Events Manager, TechPoint

The Speed Dating Set-up

The TechPoint team implemented several key Filo features to accelerate the matchmaking event.

  • Welcome Tile: A Zoom Tile welcomed all attendees with opening remarks. The Tile was also the place attendees could come back to with any questions or concerns they may have during the event.
  • Separate Floors: Each floor represented a different function of the matchmaking event. Floor one, tokened the “Welcome” floor, featured the Welcome Zoom Tile as well as information on each company. The second floor was known as “Meeting Rooms” allowing for each capital entity to have their own meeting rooms to connect with the companies for 20 minutes.
  • Video Tiles: Both companies and investors had a YouTube video embedded that introduced the key facts regarding their organization on the welcome floor.
  • Snappy Roles: TechPoint differentiated companies, sponsors, and investors in a fun yet simple way. Each role had a different emoji to represent who they were, so they were easy to spot in the Filo campus.
    Company=💼 Investors=💰 sponsors=🤝
A glimpse at the Video Tiles housing introduction videos.
“In a few hours, we were able to facilitate over 180 Zoom meetings between venture capital firms from eleven different states and 24 Indiana tech companies that were seeking funding.”
-Roger Shuman, Senior Relationship Manager, TechPoint

The Results

This virtual VC Speed Dating held in Filo was cost-effective and was executed with less involvement from the entire TechPoint team. Typically, the event is all-hands on deck, but this instance ran smoothly with just two team members.

The two-member TechPoint team, Roger Shuman and Anna Rauh, that facilitated meaningful connections.

TechPoint was able to break barriers to streamline connections since there was no need to travel. The ease of setup allowed them to create a Filo campus that worked best for the attendees.

Thank you TechPoint for hosting such a powerful event!

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