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Give your team a sense of place, visibility and seamless connection with Filo's virtual office platform.

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Transforming how teams engage at:

Create that sense of team flow again.

With Filo, remote and distributed teams can once again find their flow - that magical dynamic when everyone is connected, on the same page, doing their best work, and just clicking.

Enable your remote or distributed team to say the familiar things, like...

Dedicated rooms

“Let's meet in the Product Room.”

No more wasted time and lost momentum swapping Zoom links, and looking for the right file. Get everyone on the same page with dedicated rooms.

Seamless movement

“Hop into my office.”

Spin up natural conversations without constantly checking calendars or being forced to schedule a meeting. Bring back the camaraderie and connection of an office with easy conversations.

Team presence

“Let's grab a coffee in the Happy Hour room”

See where your team is at any time, how they are engaging, and what is going on across the organization. Re-gain that sense of working like a team again.

Stress-free virtual events that work every time.

Filo integrates directly with Zoom, so you can scale your virtual event to any size and never have to stress about audio or visual quality., a Zoom ISV Partner

Not your average virtual event platform.

Filo takes the ability to quickly create customized, branded events to a new level.


Design and configure your event how you want attendees to engage. Create any number of custom rooms, with unlimited attendees or participants.


Easy to navigate. No download required. Filo enables attendees to quickly and seamlessly attend engaging, customized virtual events.


With Filo's integration with Zoom, you can power events on any size with the industry's leader for audio / visual quality. From small workshops to large conferences or summit events, Filo takes your virtual event to the next level.

Maintaining community is essential to any startup accelerator. Here’s a glance at how 3 Techstars programs maintain a supportive founder community within Filo.

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Collaboration like you're in person again.

Team visibility

See where your team is, and easily connect. Move seamlessly between breakout rooms, conversations and topics  — no more looking for links.

Dedicated rooms

Create persistent rooms for teams, projects or topics. Integrate 30+ tools (whiteboards, docs and slides) for seamless collaboration.

Serendipitous connections

Connect and initiate new conversations easily through chat, announcements and Filo Tap.

Virtual events

Where accelerators thrive online.

From daily meetings, to workshops, to startup showcases... Filo is the flexible platform to cultivate a startup ecosystem.

Virtual events

Easy set-up & intuitive interface

Configure your event based on the engagement you want to drive. Treat your attendees to a branded, personalized experience with Filo's easily customized event UI.

Flexible for events or programs

Attendees navigate from mainstage to breakouts, sponsor booths to private rooms just like they would in-person without hunting for logins or links.

Scale to programs or events of any size

Thanks to Filo's deep Zoom integration, your event can scale as needed without sacrificing audio or visual quality - regardless of audience size.

Cultivate a stronger virtual community

Re-create the side-conversations, and serendipitous connections of an event with Filo's ability to see and network with attendees.

"Flawless video and easy interface. Filo allowed us to transition to virtual and not lose a beat."

Scott Kraege

Managing Director, Techstars Hardtech
Co-Founder & Former CEO at MOBI

"Our companies and students were impressed and we had no technical issues whatsoever - and that is a dream come true!"

Kat Locascio

Senior Manager of Program Operations

Resources & Case Studies

Sep 1, 2021

Greenlight Guru's marketing team needed a place to facilitate 1:1 meetings, a way to capture issues as they happened and provide more visibility and transparency for all. Read how Filo helped.

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Apr 23, 2021

Yext's 2021 virtual sales kickoff saw an opportunity to create rich collaboration with peer-to-peer learning in Virtual Deal Rooms. See how they did it.

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